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Virgo Zodiac - August 23 – September 22

Virgo Zodiac - August 23 – September 22

Virgo woman

He has no illusions about sex and wants everyone to stop expanding its importance.

It prefers men who wait for the relationship to develop to the point where sex is inevitable.

Likes mutual masturbation and small punishments. Shyness and modesty excite her. He is an artist in the way he pleases his lover.

Favorite Perversion: Don't enjoy it without the presence of a third party.

Virgo Man

Too shy to start an adventure, but when the moment comes it is better to prepare yourself because he will bring pajamas,

the shaver and the toothbrush.

He likes to talk about how you like it. Do not expect imagination, but he is a tireless worker and open to suggestions.

Secret life: Obsessed with pornography.

Erogenous zone: buttocks.

Best companions for Virgins: Gemini, Crab and Aquarius.

The Virgo Man in bed

Its well-behaved appearance is just a facade. This sign loves a strip show.

If you think there's no way, it's time to learn. In bed is the sign that has more quirks,

and if you want to please him do not try to argue because it is like this or roasted and not otherwise.

If you accept it this way, you will have a dedicated lover in your hands.


The Virgo woman in bed

This woman worries about most details that others don't care about, that makes her special.

This makes her able to discover erotic points never touched by other people before.

Anyone who is not frightened by his austere appearance will have the pleasant surprise of discovering a lover

very dedicated, who manages to get the best out of her partner, and show him that for love to be fabulous

it doesn't need anything very glamorous.


Virgo's best sexual partners

Earth signs like him, waiting for the real of sex, without imagining that every sexual act needs to be

a movie scene, The water signs that learn that you don't have to fantasize all the time to

to find pleasure, and finally, anyone who seeks charm and grace in routine sex.

Best partners: Aries, bull, twins, virgins, scorpions, sagittarius, capricorns.

A person born under this sign tends to have the following characteristics:




naturally shy

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