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Aries Zodic - March 21 – April 19

Aries Zodic - March 21 –  April 19

Aries Woman.

Sensually wild, passionate and adventurous.

Make love anywhere, and know what you want - frequent, intense sex.

You need to control completely.

But when you love, you love. As a companion she is ardent, sentimental.

Greater emotion: the touch of a man's facial hair.

Aries Man

Sleeping with him is like crossing a minefield, you never know what will happen.

He never expects you to be ready, so he rips your clothes off when he's ready.

Do not excite him or be prepared to surrender, prepare to be a slave to the games and he likes them hard.

Sheep natives are explorers, so get ready to go where no woman has gone before.

Favorite position: a woman on her knees learning.

Best companions for the Sheep: It is not important to them.

The Sheep Man in bed

He usually has no patience for foreplay and likes to dominate in bed. He wants to show that he is "good", manly, manly.

It has vigor for hours and hours of wild sex. The more enthusiastic you are, the more he gets excited.

Aries woman in bed

It is a hurricane of energy and is not content with a submission role in bed. Sex needs to be intense and,

the more willing her partner is, the more she feels challenged to drain her energy. At the same time,

she wants to be taken by him, which turns into a good "fight".

Aries' best sexual partners:

They seek the conquering types they love to control, as well as people who wish to live brief adventures,

like those born under the other fire signs. Air signs are always ready for something new

and can be a good alternative. Now, if all that energy is thrown into an earth sign, it will not work.

Look for Aquarius, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius.

This is the first sign of the zodiac and has the same name in Spanish. Some of the characteristics of the people of this sign are:





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