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Gemini Zodiac - May 21 - June 2

Gemini Zodiac - May 21 - June 2

Gemini Woman

I call the aggressor. Don't be embarrassed by your behavior, you already know that the only standards are yours.

Your main need: a lover who knows what awaits you. You are a harem, but your partner must know

that in a relationship with a woman of twins, she seeks a combination of spirit and physique, romance and practicality.

After a somersault he likes to talk.

Favorite toy: Vibrator

Gemini Men

He likes to do it with the lights on in front of a mirror.

Oral sex is not her favorite pastime, but it takes time with other foreplay.

Tendency to be fast and furious, but concerned with satisfying yourself, but it is the most suitable

to make love in other areas neglected by other men.

It doesn't tell a woman exactly what she wants to hear.

Erogenous zone: move your lips and tongue around your arms.

Best companions for the Gemini: Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Scales and Aries.

The Gemini man in bed

Loves to provoke and seduce by the head. Likes to boast like a master in the art of loving, and every time you answer

to his stimuli saying that he knows a lot of new things, the more horny he gets. But don't take hours on end, it tires you!


The Gemini woman in bed

He is almost a sexual acrobat and is proud of it. The man next to you should talk about your performance. In fact,

all she needs is encouragement from both the partner and the environment. Doing everything the same always and silently kills your will.

Unless your partner is very interesting, able to keep you fascinated, she will soon be looking for another one.


The best sexual partners of Gemini

Air signs because it attracts people who have a youthful personality, including young people,

that are usually more articulate. Here, what seduces in the first place is people "head", well informed.

Look for Taurus, Crab, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces.

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